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Tiles Direct – Picking your floor tiles!

The Floor Tile Colour

You should try and coordinate the floor colour with the rest of the room, not just the wall tiles. Think about your different fixtures, units and counter tops. The room might have a certain style or colour scheme. Your floor tiles will last for years, so it is best to choose a neutral colour that will last and not go in and out of fashion. The amount of light your room gets could also be a factor you might want to consider. Do you want to reflect light? Do you want the room to appear lighter/darker?  A little known fact is that gloss black tiles often show marks allot easier than lighter coloured tiles. Saying that gloss black does look absolutely amazing installed. The is a factor you might want to consider.

Please see our Floor tile galleries by clicking below for some inspiration.


Pattern & Size of Floor Tile

Floor tiles can be installed in lots of different ways, such as a standard pattern or staggered. As long as you plan your tiling then pretty much anything is possible! There are all kinds of floor tiles from mosaics to massive 1m x 1m tiles. Below you can see a few pictures of different tile formats. The fewer grout lines you have; you can create an illusion of more space.

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Ceramic tiles or Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are allot stronger than ceramic tiles because they are denser and because of this they can be used outdoors. They do not absorb or soak up water meaning in cold conditions they do not crack.  Porcelain is normally used in high traffic areas; they are hard to break and hard to score. Most of our stock is porcelain and we would recommend it for most installations but ceramic can be used on the floor but if you are wanting to use ceramic tiles we would defiantly recommend it for the wall.


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